Zig-zag pogo jumps

Barefoot Conditioning Rate of Activation


  • Enhance the capacity of the ankle flexor and toe extensor muscles

  • Develop the rate of muscle activation in the calf muscles

  • Improve the storage and return of elastic energy from the Achilles tendon and connective tissue in the feet

  • Enhance ankle proprioception (zig-zag and lateral versions)


Zig-zag pogo left – bounce a low height on each side of a line, focusing on spending a short time on the ground.

Zig-zag pogo right.

  • Perform repeated low height pogo jumps , spending as little time on the ground as possible

  • As you leave the ground pull the toes tight to the shins so that as you land they actively plant into the surface

  • Aim to bounce along using your ankles with minimal bend at the knees on each landing

  • Progress forwards a small distance at each repetition, or bounce either side of a

line in a zig-zag pattern


  • 1 x 20 repetitions (1min recovery/walk back before the next exercise/set)


  • Perform additional sets

  • Shorten the contact time and increase the height

  • Perform pogos (or zig-zag pogos) laterally or backwards

  • Perform mini pogo hops on one leg at a time (10 reps each leg)