Single leg squat

Unilateral Strength General Progression 2

Single leg squat

Single Leg Squat

Single-Leg Squat


  • Development of lower limb unilateral strength and control (hip dominant)


Single leg squat bottom position.

  • Place one foot on the edge of a low box or step approximately 30cm (12in) in height

  • Stand on the box so one leg is hanging free

  • Tighten all the muscles in your trunk, lift your chest and breathe in

  • Initiate your descent by pushing the hips backwards and sitting through the heels

  • Descend until the thigh breaks parallel to the ground with the free leg pulled forwards

  • To ascend, drive through the heel until the leg is fully extended

  • Breathe out as an erect stance is achieved

  • During both the descent and ascent phases, ensure that the ankle-knee-hip stays aligned and that the back is in a neutral position


  • Strength: 3 x 1–8 repetitions (2–3min recovery) with bodyweight at RPE of 7–8


  • Perform from a single-leg stance position on the ground (known as a ‘piston squat’)

  • Add additional load by holding dumbbells or a barbell across the back