Side plank

Trunk Conditioning Capacity - 2

Side Plank


  • Develop trunk capacity (anti-lateral flexion in the back)


Side plank capacity test position.

  • Perform this test without trainers on

  • Lie on your side with your elbow directly under your shoulder

  • Support your upper body weight on your forearm

  • Raise your body and legs off the ground so you are resting only on the outside of your bottom foot and forearm

  • Place your top foot in front of your bottom foot

  • Find a neutral back position and tighten your trunk

  • There should be alignment between your top ankle–knee–hip–shoulder

  • Place your free hand on your supporting shoulder

  • Ensure your hips don’t drop downwards


  • 3 x 30–60sec static holds, or perform as part of a conditioning circuit


  • Perform with the knees bent at a right-angle


  • Rotate into a front plank position, but before the elbows reach ground, rotate back to the side plank position

  • Raise the top leg

  • Hold a dumbbell