Side-lying leg raise

Hip Conditioning Capacity - 1

Side-lying raise

Side-Lying Raise


  • Develop the capacity and control of the gluteal muscle group (through a hip abduction pattern)


Fig.1: Side-lying raise start position.

Fig. 2: Side-lying raise top position.

  • Lie on your side with your legs straight and hips/shoulders square to the floor

  • Raise your top leg upwards and slightly backwards

  • If you look down the line of your body you should see your foot disappearing slightly behind you at you raise your leg

  • Squeeze your abdominals to keep your lower back in a neutral position

  • Perform both the up and down phases of the movement slowly and under control


  • 2–3 x 12–15 reps, or perform as part of a conditioning circuit


  • Tie a theraband or mini resistance band around your knees; shifting it further down your leg towards your ankles will increase the challenge further

  • Standing cable kick-out