Seated calf raise

Lower Leg Conditioning Strength & Stiffness

Seated Calf Raises


  • Improve the strength of the deep calf muscles (soleus) and the Achilles tendon


Seated calf raises – sit on a bench with the balls of your feet on a plate and perform calf raises.

  • Sit on a bench or step so your knees are at approximately a right-angle

  • Place a plate or thick book on the ground

  • Position the ball of your feet on the plate so your heels overhang and you can feel a stretch in your calf

  • Place a plate across your thigh and hold it in place

  • Raise the heels as high as possible by squeezing your calf tight

  • Lower them back to the ground in a controlled fashion


  • 2–3 x 8–12 repetitions


  • Perform on one leg at a time

  • Place more load across your thigh