Trunk Conditioning Strength & Stiffness



  • Develop isometric trunk strength (antiextension/anterior dominant)

  • High load force transfer


Rollout start position.

Rollout bottom position.

  • Place a barbell on the ground loaded with light circular plates

  • Kneel down and grip the barbell slightly wider that shoulder width with the arms straight and shoulders in line with the bar

  • Move your knees backwards until there is only a slight flexion angle at the hips

  • Find a neutral back position and tighten the trunk and gluteals

  • Roll the barbell away from you, allowing your body to descend as one unit

  • Pull yourself out of the bottom position, leading the movement with your shoulders

  • The back and hips should remain locked in the same position throughout the set


  • 3 x 8–12 repetitions (2–3min recovery)


Swiss ball rollout bottom position.

  • Use a Swiss ball instead of a barbell

  • Use a resistance band tethered to an anchor point and looped around your chest to assist you through range


  • Rollout from a press-up position