Reverse lunge

Unilateral Strength General Progression 2

Reverse Lunge

Reverse Lunge


  • Development of unilateral lower limb strength

  • Control at the hip


Reverse lunge start position.

Reverse lunge bottom position.

  • With both feet pointing forward, tighten all the muscles in your trunk, lift your chest and breathe in

  • Take an exaggerated step backwards

  • As you step backwards, bend your leg and lower your hips towards the ground

  • The rear foot should land on the ball of the foot and the weight should shift to the rear of the front foot

  • Continue to lower the hips until the thigh of the front leg breaks parallel with the ground and the knee of the rear foot is positioned just above the ground

  • Drive through the heel of the front foot (and relax the rear leg) to return to a standing position

  • Breathe out as an erect stance is achieved


Split squats are a simple and easy exercise to master, providing a single-leg strength stimulus to the knee and hip muscles. Elevating the rear leg makes the exercise more challenging and single leg focused.


  • Learning: 3 x 8–12 repetitions (2–3min recovery) with bodyweight only

  • Strength: 3 x 5–7 repetitions (2–3min recovery) with a barbell or dumbbells at RPE of 7–8


  • Place the front foot on a plate or thick book so the floor no longer blocks the back knee to limit the range of motion available

  • If space permits, perform a loaded walking lunge