Bilateral Plyometrics Low Intensity - 1


  • To enhance stiffness and elasticity in the Achilles tendon

  • To develop pre-activation of the muscles acting on the ankle and knee


Pogo jump mid-air position.

Pogo jump ground contact.

  • Perform a series of vertical jumps in succession, aiming to achieve as much height whilst spending as little time on the ground as possible

  • As you leave the ground on each jump, pull the toes tight to the shins so that as you land your foot actively plants against the ground

  • Aim to be stiff at your ankles and knees each time you land

  • Place the focus on height and short ground contact rather than the distance you move forwards with each jump


  • Beginner: 2–4 x 6 repetitions (2min recovery)


3–5 x 6–8 repetitions (2min recovery)