Medicine ball throw-catch

Trunk Conditioning Rate of Activation

Medicine-Ball Throw-



  • Develop rapid activation of the trunk musculature against unpredictable perturbations (anti-rotation/extension/ flexion in the back)

  • Explosive force transfer


Medicine ball throw-catch start position.

Medicine ball throw-catch release.

  • Stand side-on to a wall or partner holding a 2–6kg medicine ball

  • Squat down slightly and find a neutral position in the back, and tighten the trunk and gluteals

  • Using whole body and trunk rotation, throw the ball so it bounces off the wall or is caught by your partner

  • As the ball bounces or your partner returns the ball (across your body), stiffen the trunk rapidly to minimize rotation and flexion


  • 3 x 8–12 repetitions each side (2–3min recovery)


  • Reduce the speed with which the ball is thrown

  • Widen the base, or perform in a staggered kneeling position


  • Increase the speed with which the ball is thrown and received

  • Alter the direction and angle that the ball is thrown/received from