Inverted row

Upper Strength General

Inverted Row

Inverted Row


  • Development of horizontal upper body pulling strength

  • To improve trunk stability (back extensor dominant)


Inverted row start position.

Inverted row top position.

  • Secure a bar at a height so that when lying on your back with your shoulders in line with the bar, your fingertips can just reach

  • Place your heels against a heavy plate or object, and straighten your legs

  • Grasp the bar with a forward grip, slightly wider than shoulder width

  • Raise your hips until there is a straight line between shoulders–hips–knees

  • Tighten the trunk muscles, squeeze the glutes and take a breath in

  • Initiate ascent by breaking the elbows backwards and slightly outwards

  • Pull yourself up until your chest touches the bar and your shoulder blades squeeze together

  • Lower yourself down by extending your elbows until they fully straighten

  • Breathe out as the elbows straighten

  • Maintain shoulders–hips–knees alignment and neutral back throughout

  • Raise the height of the bar if you cannot achieve full range


  • Learning: 3 x 8–12 repetitions (2–3min recovery) with bodyweight only

  • Basic strength: 3 x 5–7 repetitions (2–3min recovery) with additional load at RPE of 7–8


  • Place your feet on a low box (20–30cm)

  • Place a weighted plate or heavy object across your hips