Hop & Stick

Unilateral Plyometrics Low Intensity

Hop and Stick


  • Develop explosive unilateral hip strength

  • Unilateral control of high eccentric forces

  • Improve contractile and reflexive mechanisms of stretch-shortening cycle


Hop and stick start position.

Hop and stick dip position.

Hop and stick landing position.

  • Standing on one leg, perform a quarter squat and rapidly and explosively hop forwards, landing on the same leg as you pushed off with

  • Hop forwards as far as possible, but so you are balanced and stable on landing

  • There should be only a slight bend at the ankle, knee and hip on landing

  • Ankle–knee–hip should stay aligned during the dip and landing

  • Land on the ball of the foot and ensure the ankles and knees remain stiff on landing

  • As confidence improves, punch the knee of the hopping leg forwards as you leave the ground to maximize contribution from the hip extensor muscles

  • Drive the arms aggressively to counteract rotation

  • Avoid leaning excessively to the hopping leg side


  • Beginner: 2–3 x 6 single hop and sticks for distance (2min recovery)