High catch pogo jump

Barefoot Conditioning Rate of Activation

High Catch Pogo


  • Develop mobility in the toe and forefoot joints

  • Actively stretch the plantar fascia

  • Enhance the capacity of the ankle flexor and toe extensor muscles

  • Develop the rate of muscle activation in the calf muscles


High catch pogo – on your tip toes, bounce from the ankles quickly so you leave the ground by a few inches.

Land in a high position back on your tip toes.

  • Rise on to the ball of your foot, standing as tall as possible

  • Bounce from the ankles so you leave the ground a small amount

  • The bounce should be small so the heels don’t touch the ground

  • As the feet land, catch high, so the heel remains off the ground and the hips stay as high as possible

  • Hold the top position for a second or two before the next repetition

  • Maintain a straight knee position during the bounce and landing


  • 1 x 20 repetitions (1min recovery before next exercise/set)


  • Perform additional sets

  • Push off with two legs and catch high on one

  • Perform whilst holding a light barbell or dumbbells (as an ankle conditioning ‘Rate of Activation’ exercise)