Hamstring Bridge

Hamstring Conditioning Capacity

Hamstring Bridge Hold

Hamstring Bridge Holds


  • Develop low load capacity of the hamstrings in a lengthened position


Single leg hamstring bridge (top position).

  • Lie on your back with one foot resting on a stable box or bench 48cm high

  • Shuffle away from the box until there is only a slight bend at the knee

  • Float the opposite leg so it remains uninvolved

  • Place the arms across the chest

  • Push through the heel on the box to raise the hips until there is a straight line between knee, hip and shoulder


  • 3 x 60sec hold total, with switches every 5sec (6 x 5sec each side)


  • Increase the duration of holds before switching sides (aim for a 30sec hold each side)

  • Hold a dumbbell or plate across your hips