Front squat (Skill)

Bilateral Strength Movement Skill

Front Squat


  • Introduction to the squat technique

  • To improve mobility and posture


Goblet squat start position.

Goblet squat bottom position (side view).

Goblet squat bottom position (front view).

  • Place the feet slightly wider than hip width and turn the toes slightly outwards

  • Grasp an upturned kettlebell, dumbbell or weighty object with both hands across the upper chest

  • Prior to initiating movement, breathe in, tighten the trunk and lift the chest

  • Initiate descent by pushing the hips backwards and sitting through the heels

  • Push the knees outwards in line with the toes; trying to pull the feet apart might help

  • The back should remain in a neutral position with the chest and head up

  • Descend until the thighs break parallel to the ground, or until you cannot maintain a neutral back position

  • Stand up quickly by driving through the heels and leading with the chest

  • Breathe out as you achieve an erect stance


  • 3 x 12 repetitions (2–3min recovery) with a 5–20kg kettlebell or dumbbell