Front plank

Trunk Conditioning Capacity - 1

Front Plank

Front Plank


  • To develop trunk capacity (anti-extension in the lower back)


Front plank position.

  • Lie face down on the ground

  • Place your elbows directly under your shoulders and support your upper bodyweight on your forearms

  • Raise your body and legs off the ground so you are pivoting from only your feet

  • Find a neutral back position and tighten your trunk and gluteal muscles

  • There should be alignment between your ankles-knees-hips-shoulders


  • 3 x 30–60sec static holds, or perform as part of a conditioning circuit


  • Perform with your knees on the ground


  • Raise one foot off the ground by squeezing the glute

  • Move slowly into a press-up position without flexing or twisting your back

  • Place your elbows on a Swiss ball

  • Place a 5–10kg plate across your mid-back