Donkey Kicks / Reverse kicks

Hip Conditioning Capacity - 2

Donkey Kicks / Reverse kicks

Reverse Kicks


  • Develop the capacity and control of the gluteal muscle group (through an open extension pattern)


Reverse kicks start


Reverse kicks top position.

  • Kneel over a bench or chair so the hips are tight to the edge and the knees are directly under the hips

  • Grip the bench and ensure the back is in a neutral position

  • Kick one heel upwards towards the ceiling until the thigh is parallel to the ground

  • Lower your leg back to the start position until your knee is just above the ground

  • Keep the trunk muscles tight throughout the movement to ensure your back remains neutral (do not hyper-extend the lower back in the top position)

  • Perform both the up and the down phases of the movement slowly and under control


  • 2–3 x 12–15 reps, or perform as part of a conditioning circuit


  • Tie a theraband or resistance band around your feet. Ensure you keep your toes pulled tight to your shins to anchor the band

  • Reverse extensions