Cable (or Band) hold / Pallof Hold

Trunk Conditioning Strength & Stiffness - Cable/Band

Cable (or Band) Holds


  • Develop isometric trunk strength (anti-lateral flexion in back)


  • Set a cable column (or anchor a resistance band) at chest height

  • Grasp a rope/handle (or band) with both hands and stand side-on to the column/band

  • Take one step away and establish a normal standing posture

  • Position the hands in the centre of the chest

  • Ensure the feet are slightly wider than shoulder width apart, that the back is in a neutral position and the shoulders/hips are square


  • 3 x 30sec each side (2–3min recovery)


  • Use a lighter load/band


  • Increase resistance on the weight stack/band

  • Straighten the arms at chest height and push above the head