Cable (or Band) chops

Trunk Conditioning Strength & Stiffness - Cable/Band

Cable Chops


  • Develop rotational trunk strength


Cable chop start position.

Cable chop bottom position.

  • Set the cable column above head height

  • Grasp a handle or rope with both hands and kneel in a staggered position side-on to the column

  • Take the tension in the weight stack by pulling the cable across slightly

  • Find a neutral back position and tighten the trunk and gluteals

  • Pull the cable across the body and push downwards in a diagonal chopping-type action

  • Rotate slightly through the trunk to achieve full range, but avoid any flexion through the back


  • 3 x 8–12 repetitions each side (2–3min recovery)


  • Take a wider stance to increase stability

  • Use a lighter load


  • Increase load