Bird Dog (Superman)

Trunk Conditioning Capacity - 1

Bird - Dog



  • Contralateral stability around the trunk and hips

  • Balance and control in a crawling position

  • To develop trunk capacity (anti-flexion, extension and rotation in the back)

  • Gluteal and shoulder function

Superman start position.


  • Adopt a four-point kneeling position with the hands directly under the shoulders and the knees directly under the hips

  • Find a neutral back position and tighten the trunk

  • Slowly extend one leg out backwards and raise the opposite arm towards the ceiling

  • Sweep the leg and arm in and out slowly without touching the ground

  • Maintain a neutral back position throughout the movement

  • Perform six repetitions each side


  • 3 x 12–15 repetitions each side, or perform as part of a conditioning circuit


  • Perform with only one arm or one leg (not simultaneously)


  • Raise the leg higher off the ground by squeezing your gluteal muscle

  • Perform in a press-up position