Bent-leg calf raise

Calf Conditioning Capacity


  • Enhance the capacity of the calf muscles and Achilles tendon


  • Stand on a low step facing a wall or stable object

  • Shuffle backwards so that the heels overhang and only the balls of the feet are positioned on the box

  • Maintain balance with the fingertips only

  • Bend your knee, and hold it that way as you perform the exercise.

  • Remove one foot from the box

  • Raise the hips as high as possible by squeezing hard in the calf

  • Lower the heel down until it reaches below the level of the step and you feel a stretch in the calf

  • Perform both upward and downward phases under control (1sec up, 1sec down) without bouncing


  • Capacity: 2–3 x 12–15 reps with bodyweight alone or with a light dumbbell

  • If you cannot complete 12 reps single leg, perform as many as possible on one leg and then complete the remaining repetitions with both legs

  • Strength: 2–3 x 8–12 reps holding a dumbbell or using the Smith/calf raise machine


  • Increase the load used