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Athloft is an ecosystem established to support your fitness & performance goals through focused programs that take the guesswork out of your training. Our experience helps us identify proven training concepts and tools, steering clear of gimmicks and fads. We help athletes plan their goals through individual testing and functional assessments.

Our tailored programs address specific limitations and strike the right balance between your athletic goals and life priorities.

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Adaptive Plans


Generate training plans tailored for your goals, needs and current fitness level

Structured workouts


Train at the right pace that is individualized to your changing fitness level

Missed a workout ?


No worries ! Your plan will adjust automatically  

Unlimited Changes


When you need a change in your plans due to work, life, or health situations

Target any goal of your choice

Strength & Prehab included

Engage with an inspiring community

Adaptive Training Program

  • 15$
    Every month
    • Adaptive Plans with unlimited changes
    • Target any goal of your choice (Distance / Event)
    • Individualized to your changing fitness
    • Strength & Prehab Program included
    • Structured Workouts
    • 30% Discount on Consultation Calls with Experts
    • Community Membership & access to Groups
  • 0$
    Free Plan
    • Community membership & access to Groups
    • Access to Consultation Calls with Experts
    • Access to Free Resources

Personalized Coaching

for goal assessment, review of progress, adjustment of plans and direct interaction with
Coach Anubhav Karmakar


Want to discuss your goals and understand the training approach in our coaching programs ?

*Consultation fees waived off when you signup for a Coaching Program.

Lone Walk
Goal Setting & Event Identification

Discuss with coach & lock down on goals that are challenging yet realistic

Personalized Training Plans

Tailored to address specific limitations, accommodate individual schedules and strike the right balance as you progress towards your performance goals.

Performance Analysis & Assessment

One on One Functional assessment of progress with the coach that leaves no room for guesswork

  • Coaching - Quarterly

    Every 3 months
    • $80 per month
  • Coaching - 6 months

    Every 6 months
    • $76 per month
  • Coaching - Annual

    Every year
    • $72 per month
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